Investing on the East Side, is an investment in our future.

People choose to live in and visit the Boothbay Region for many reasons: the quintessential coastal harbor, the quaint shops and great food, the rich history and architecture, and the strong sense of local community. Our goals are community revitalization and sustainable economic development that will benefit not just today’s Mainers but our children and grandchildren.

The benefits of supporting the east side rezoning:

  • Shifting to a mixed-use zone creates an active, vibrant East Side neighborhood

  • Enables meaningful renovations to be made (including ADA, Fire Safety, and watershed/water quality impact)

  • Creates & maintains view corridors and visual access to the harbor

  • Creates economic activity, jobs and long term growth

  • Draws increased tourism to the region

  • Brings positive attention to our town

  • Sends a message of encouragement to others looking to move to, and invest in, our community

  • Maintains and supports maritime activities with complementary businesses and activities