Menawarmet Hotel

The Menawarmet Hotel was a thriving hotel located
on the East Side of Boothbay Harbor.

It was a beautiful 4 1/2 story hotel located on Atlantic Avenue near the intersection of Bay Street. It was built in 1889 and Welcomed tourists visiting our region. Eight steamers per day stopped at the 130 foot long wharf.

Menawarmet Hotel.jpg
Menawarmet with guests.jpg

Guests relaxing at the Menawarmet

Tourists arriving by steamer were welcomed to the region by this grand hotel that graced the East Side of Boothbay Harbor. The hotel served tourists exploring our beautiful region as well as prospective buyers of summer cottages looking to invest in Boothbay Harbor. Tourism is one of the top economic drivers of Maine’s economy bringing in nearly $9 billion in sales, $600 million in taxes and supporting 107,000 jobs.

Menwarmet location.jpg

menawarmet location

The Menawarmet was located at the water’s edge on the East Side of Boothbay Harbor from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Sadly, it was lost in a fire in 1913. One of many important reasons that meaningful improvements, including the latest fire safety building standards, is critically important when addressing the significant deferred maintenance needs of the existing hotels on the East Side of the harbor.